Sentry Electric Retractable Bollards

Sentry Electric Retractable Bollards provide high level protection and have a high quality appearance. They can be lowered into the ground when not in use, leaving an area flat to allow pedestrian and vehicular access.

Stylish safety lighting can be included for pedestrian safety and/or to enhance the streetscape.

These bollards are excellent for:
pedestrian protection in public areas, whilst still allowing service and emergency vehicle access
building entry points protection
emergency exits protection from blockage by vehicles

Raising and lowering the bollards electronically reduces OH&S issues relating to lifting.

The stainless steel bollards are constructed from tough steel posts and are available in two different dimensions.

The raising and lowering of the bollards is by electric motors using a fixed location switch or a remote control unit.

Red reflective bands can be added as an option.

Safety lighting, with 12 or 24 volt LEDs, can be fitted on request

Installation is typically into a new concrete footing.

Stainless Steel Sentry Electric Bollards
Stainless steel Sentry Electric Bollards


Sentry Electric Bollard
Sentry Electric Bollard


Control Box for Sentry Electric Bollards
Control box for Sentry Electric Bollards

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