MSA Bollards can provide a range of services to suit your needs including:

Product Advice
Product advice relating to the most suitable bollard type to match your specific requirements, material strength options, surface finishes, capping and foundation requirements can be provided.

No Obligation Quotes
No obligation quotes based on the products chosen, site plans provided or a site visit (if required) are provided.

Our bollards are manufactured to exacting specifications by qualified staff using quality Australian steel or stainless steel and local components.

Metal Fabrication
A range of related products can be made by staff experienced in cutting, bending and polishing steel and stainless steel to your metal fabrication requirements.

Installation can be carried out by our fully trained and experienced subcontractors or our products can be supplied to you for installation by other arrangements.

Bollard Maintenance Service
Whilst our products are made to last, a bollard maintenance service is available for repairs to damaged bollards and the servicing, when necessary, of retractable and electric bollards, as well as the provision of extra keys.

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