MSA Bollards manufactures and installs an extensive range of fixed, pivot, removable, retractable, electric, u-rail and light bollards, with various finishes, caps and security locking devices, to meet your needs.

Stainless Steel Sentry Fixed In-Ground Bollards
Fixed Bollards
Standard or shallow in-ground models for high level security protection. Surface mounted models for medium level access control


Stainless Steel Sentry Pad-lockable Removable Bollards
Removable Bollards
High level protection when inserted and locked, but can be removed with the cover sitting flush with the pavement during low risk hours


Retractable Bollards
High level protection, and can be lowered into the ground when not in use to allow vehicular access. Key lift or electric retractable bollards are available

Sentry Electric Retractable Bollard in Type B Style
Light Bollards
Bollard protection with stylish safety lighting for pedestrian safety and aesthetic appeal


Sentry Parking Pivot Bollard with Ease of use
Parking Bollards
Orderly tenant or staff parking bay protection from unauthorized use. Pivot or removable options are available


Crash Rated Bollards
Crash Rated Bollards
High level protection can be provided by our range of certified crash rated fixed and removable bollards

Bike Rails
Aesthetically designed bike rails against which bicycles can be secured


Pedestrian Control Sentry U-Rails
U-Rail Bollards
Medium level protection for general access control to property and buildings


metal frames for trollies
Metal Fabrication Products
Other products made include shopping trolley bays, safety rails, pedestrian guide rails, channels, underground service location poles, bench frames and so on

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