Sentry Keyed Removable Bollards

Sentry Keyed Removable Bollards provide high level protection from criminal activity when inserted and locked, but can be removed with the cover sitting flush with the pavement during low risk hours.
These bollards are excellent for:
• shop and warehouse protection from ram raids and smash and grab robberies
• emergency exits protection from blockage by vehicles
• building entry points protection
When not in use, the bollards can be manually removed and stored in their own holders, leaving the ground area flat to allow pedestrian and vehicular access.
These tough round bollards are available in a galvanized, colour powder coated or stainless steel finish. Red reflective bands can be added. There are eight models to choose from, with two heights and various dimensions and weights to suit your requirements. Flat, domed, mitred or other architectural caps can be included. Individually keyed or keyed alike models are available. High security Bilock, Abloy or Evva locks are also available as an option. Chain rings can be added if required.