Sentry SD Retractable Bollards

Sentry SD Retractable Bollards provide high level protection and can be lowered into the ground when not in use.
These bollards are excellent for:
• shop and warehouse protection from ram raids and smash and grab robberies
• pedestrian protection in public areas
• emergency exits protection from blockage by vehicles
• building entry points protection
When not in use, the bollards can be retracted into the ground using a battery drill, leaving the area flat to allow pedestrian and vehiclar access. Raising and lowering the SD Bollards by battery drill reduces OH&S issues relating to lifting.

These tough round bollards are available in a galvanized, colour powder coated or stainless steel finish. Red reflective bands can be added as an option. These bollards are available in two heights and with flat tops. These bollards can be finished in a colour to suit the client’s specifications. The SD Bollards can be easily raised, lowered and secured into position using a battery drill and a specialized key. These bollards can be installed by core drilling into an existing surface or they can be installed in new concrete footings.