Crash Rated Bollards

High level protection can be provided by our range of certified crash rated fixed and removable bollards.
They are an excellent high security protection solution for:
• building entry points and forecourts
• public pedestrian areas
• building or site perimeters
• infrastructure plant facilities

These steel bollards can be colour powder coated steel, or a range of sleeves can be fitted to the bollards to compliment the building design or corporate image being promoted by the client. The bollards are available in K4 rating (6804 kg @ 48 kph), K8 rating (6804 kg @ 64 kph) and K12 rating (6804 kg @ 80 kph). These bollards are available in a range of dimensions. The shallow foundation depth requirement can be as little as 230 mm for K4 rated bollards and as little as 255 mm for a K12 rated bollard. Each bollard is installed separately so they are easy to install even when the ground level changes or a different set of crash rated bollards is installed in different areas of a site.